94th Birthday Wishes






1. Listen only keep in mind that,
though I shout and yelp,
it's not actually me that
you see, just my shell.
In spite of the difficult
days we've gone through
this one thing is true..
my dear I love you..
Happy 94th birthday!

2. Those who don't believe
in magic will never find it..
Happy 94th birthday!




94th Birthday Wishes for Brother and Sister:


1. One must take what comes,
with laughter..
Happy 94th birthday!

2. Happy 94th birthday!
Wish there were more people like you..
People like you are difficult to find..




94th Birthday Wishes for Husband and Wife:


1. I hope you aren't afraid of..
I hope you love..
I hope you laugh..
I hope you never forget,
I hope you ignore,
I hope you become,
I hope you respect,
I hope you grow
and I hope you enjoy reading my wishes
on your 94th birthday!

2. The head forgets
but the heart remembers.
Happy 94th birthday!









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94th Birthday Wishes