43rd Birthday Wishes






1. Happy 43rd birthday!
Guess what you get to do
when you turn 43!

2. Its not the years in your life which counts.
It's the life in your years .
Happy 43rd birthday!

3. Remember age gets better with wine.
Happy 43rd birthday!

4. Officially 43, forever 18
Happy 43rd birthday!

5. The day is beautiful, occasion truly special,
sweetness is around with smiling faces.
Light the candles, gobble the candies.
Pray to god with faith and make some
thoughtful wishes.
The merry tunes that cheer us all.
The world sings along with you
with lovely gifts and jolly hearts.
I wish they all come together to bless you.
May you have a joyous birthday. Enjoy!

6. I just wanna take a minute
and say happy birthday to you.
You are one of the able man I know.

7. Spread a smile, spread the cheer,
look around, it is your day,
make a list to spread it all
and then everyday is your day.
Fill the rooms, with balloons
and stuff some mouths with sweets.
Make a list to do it all and
then enjoy the pleasant treats.
Gather some faith, earn some hope,
make the most of this beautiful day.
Gather it all, just to give all
spread the joy, it is your day.
I wish you a very happy birthday!

8. 43, but forever young at heart.
Happy 43rd birthday!
9. Our one true buddy,
everlasting in love,
everlasting in life,
our wish for you!
Happy 43rd birthday!




43rd Birthday Wishes for Daughter / Son:


1. Happy 43rd birthday daughter!
Your kindness takes my breath away
and your good nature melts the heart.
I hope this card reminds you of my love
even though we are apart.
Happy 43rd birthday!

2. You are not 43, you are 23
with 20 years of experience.
Happy 43rd birthday!

3. Did I tell you before that we are the
pleased guardian in the whole world?
Did I tell you before that we are the
happiest parents in the whole world?
Did I tell you before that we are the
biggest gratified guardians in the whole world?
Did I tell you before that you are the
best daughter in the whole world?
Wishing you a super duper happy
birthday dear daughter.
Happy 43rd birthday!




43rd Birthday Wishes to Brother / Sister:


1. If I have a chance to be born again
I would surely like to have you as
my brother . For you are like a gem
brother who supports me through
out my life. Thanks for being there
always wishing you a happy birthday!

2. Well I won't tell anyone..
Happy 43rd birthday!
3. Wishing you a very happy
14th anniversary of your 29th birthday!
Happy 43rd birthday!









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43rd Birthday Wishes