Birthday Wishes for Brother






1. My Brother
One who tuck away my games
and cracks my toys
But one who always protects me from
falling on the ground.
He is the one to hold my hand and
show the path to me
When things go wrong he is the one who
supports me and
When I am in chaos
he makes me conceive.
The one who makes humorous expressions
to see how I'd revert
He is a lovely brother
and that's the reality!


2. What builds siblings
connection smashing is the
way each one memorize the other when
they are far from each other.
They miss the spiel, the giggles and
the time they played out in sync.
Life changes, memories don't.
I miss your smile, Big Brother!!!.
Happy Birthday..


3. I am really missing you very much.
No way constantly concluded we would not be together this day.
I honestly wish that we will be with each other
on every birthday from next year.
May almighty en-shine you with lot of enchantment,
affection and appreciation.
I wish you have a marvelous birthday.


4. I like to en-shine our memories together
pleasant and awful.
I apologize the times I screamed at
you when you were only stressing to support,
but you know it happened to me so only I did it to you.
I am really sorry dear Brother.
I miss you, Dear Brother!!!


5. A Birthday is a bundle of memories
one by one possessing a token of achievement of
your fantasy and achievement of some unique system..
Wish You A Very Happy Birthday Brother.


6. There comes a smile on my face when I
remind of those silly disputes we had
and immediately worn to make up.
The recollection may fizzle but the affection we
dose only extend.
Happy Birthday Dear Brother.


7. You are lightning my life
as my tower of courage and guide
while you're actually an heavenly being
sent from the dreamland.
You're too pleasant to be real!
I wish you a year full of joys and very
very happy birthday.
Dear brother!


8. Having brother like you is like
having a powerful pillar
defending me from the vast floods
of essence. You're honestly irreversible.
I am so gratified to almighty that he sanctified
me with a big brother like you.
Love you and a very Happy
Birthday my dear brother!


9. "Dear Brother you are a blessing to me
from almighty, sent from heavens to
make living valuable.."
Happy Birthday Have a great year ahead!


10. Dear brother...
You always secure me out of problems
All the time and everywhere
even after I did all the foolish things to you
You always have been there for help.
I am so embarrassed..
Please forgive me..
Happy Birthday!


11. Hey Brother,
Wishing you a day full of joy and
I wish the day be filled
with delightful moments as delightful as
you are.. Happy Birthday Brother..!


12. May almighty sanction every moment
of your life with a blaze of sun, a kiss of
achievement, a sparkle of bliss and a splash
of love. Happy birthday to my loveliest bro.


13. I am so blissful to god,
That he had granted me a sibling like you,
You appreciate me here and there,
What if there is conflict,
Or I scream, I so like you,
Happiest birthday ever great brother!


14. How did someone
who was fond of
irritating me budding up,
became the tremendous
bro a sis could demand for..
Happy Birthday to my naughty Brother!


15. We had fun together and quarreled together,
broke down and patched up,
scowled and giggled
you are my best pal.
Happy birthday to the world's
loveliest brother!


16. I'm amused because
you're my sibling
and mocking because
there's nothing
you can do about it!
ha ha ha..
Happy birthday brother..!




Birthday Wishes for Elder Brother


1. Happy Birthday Big Bro.
You are someone who is so supportive, a friend , my inspiration.


2. Brother, I am so glad that we share our destiny.
At times we have great interactions, funny pranks and mischevious moments,
All these momemts are mixed in as sweet memories for lifetime.
Wish you a joyful birthday


3. On this special day,
I want to say that you are very near and dear to me.
I have a special dignity you a lot.
Wishing you nothing but the best.


4. Hey bro, on your birthday I pray to God that you grow strong and healthy,
live happily and succesfully. Happy Birthday


5. A person whose heart is made of gold,
who has an unending love,
Bold arms is one and only my big brother ..happy Birthday



Birthday Wishes for Younger Brother


1. Happy Birthday to my Sweet Brother

B- Beloved
R- Remarkable
O- Obedient
T- Terrific
H- Happy
E- Exceptional
R- Reliable


2. My sweet brother, I love you for everything you have done for me.
Wish you a fabulous birthday filled with utter joy and happiness.


3. Brother, I am blessed to have you in my life.
You are the priceless gift that God has gifted me.
Let's celebrate the gift of Life given by God and enjoy this most auspicious day. Happy Birthday!


4. Despite so many fights, arguments, shouts and quarrels,
We look like enemies but deep inside we are the best of friends
Love you bro. Happy Birthday


5. My dear Brother You deserve everything the best forever in your life. HAPPY BIRTHDAY



Funny Birthday Wishes for Brother


1. One Birthday I asked our mamma and papa to get me a monkey
with whom I can play and I got You! Happy Birthday Day my Young Bro !


2. Happy Birthday to a Bro who has the universe' best Sister! Dang You are so Lucky !!


3. Happy Birthday to my Young Brother who used to enjoy troubling me when we were kids and who still enjoys it !








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 Birthday Wishes for Brother